Chairman’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

I feel privileged and honoured on having got the opportunity to serve this largest branch of EIRC of ICAI as chairman for the session 2019-20. I thank my MC colleagues and all the members of the branch for their trust and bestowing this responsibility to me. The Guwahati Branch has always been very vibrant and all the past Chairman of this illustrious branch has contributed to the rich history of the Branch. There are numerous and astounding task to accomplish and with the constant support, participation and involvement of all the members of the Branch, I am confident that this team will performs its duties to the expectations of the members, students and the society at large.

We are witnessing major transformational reforms and new acts/ regulations such as GST, Ind-AS implementation, Companies Act, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Valuation, RERA, Benami Transaction Act are coming on Play. As a coveted Institution, we have to withstand the challenge that is being thrown at us and demonstrate the fact to all the stakeholders that there is no alternative to the Chartered Accountant in terms of fiscal management, value addition, statutory compliance in a capricious tax regime and of course, quality attestation.

These changes are challenging but at the same time are bringing lots of professional opportunities to the members. To equip members with these changes many initiatives are being taken at the branch level, relevant seminars and certification courses are being regularly organised at the branch for the benefit of the members. Apart from above, regular seminars, workshops, meetings are also being organised on other subjects and topics with quality speakers from all the corners of the country. Members are requested to take best benefit of these programs to update their knowledge and also to suggest topics and subject of interest to them for future programs of the branch.

We at the branch putting our best efforts for giving the best to the members and students under the branch, the success of initiative depends upon active participation of the members. I appeal the members for active participation in the programs and put forward their suggestion and valuable guidance in the activities.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.



CA. Dhiraj Kumar Jain

Chairman 2019-2020

Management Committee

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