Chairman’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

As I don the mantle of the Chairman of this the largest branch of EIRC of ICAI, I am humbled for having been bestowed with this charm, which I cherish.

There are numerous and staggering tasks to be accomplished. As a coveted unit, we have to withstand the challenge that is being thrown at us and demonstrate the fact to all the stakeholders that there is no alternative to the Chartered Accountant in terms of fiscal management, value addition, statutory compliance in a capricious tax regime and of course, quality attestation.

On the local front, we have to make inroads into hitherto unchartered fields and establish the fact that the socio economic objectives of the Government as well as other organisations can be better achieved by our ethical and pragmatic services.

For our students, we have to build on the high level of infrastructural and educative support which is being perennially maintained at the branch. We have to provide the best support and care that they deserve and support them in their endeavor of passing one of the most coveted courses in the world.

At this juncture when the tax administration of the country is being totally revamped, we not just have to keep pace with the transition but also establish out dexterous verve. We need to reach out to all sections of the society and corroborate the Government in its stupendous reform drive.

In this challenge, I require the support and blessing of all at the Institute, my fellow MC members, other members, students and my resolute staff members,.

Together we can fulfill our goal of serving our alma matter, the Institute, its members and its students.

With warm regards,


CA. Rohit Agarwal

Chairman 2018-2019

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