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Chairman's message

Respected Members,

It is a matter of great pride for me that I have been given the onerous responsibility to assume the post of the Chairman of this esteemed branch. The Branch has a history of over 45 years and the legacy which the branch carries is unparalled. I do accept this responsibility with folded hands and assure you that I shall do everything possible for ensuring the best interests of our members.

Our profession is at crossroads and it is time we give back something to the profession so that we can ensure something for our future generations. Though we are facing many existential threats, we have much more opportunities in our hands to boast about and work into. But for this we need to come out of our comfort zones and work for developing newer lines of our profession. Your branch shall try to work on these newer opportunities of our profession.

We call upon volunteers from the membership of our branch to help the branch on various activities like CPE Events, Career Counselling, Finance & Tax Literacy Drive etc. All the managing committee members are there to serve the members at large and each one can be contacted in case any sort of help is required from our side. I again request all members to kindly take part in branch activities so that we can serve you in a better manner.

CA. (Dr.) Ayush Saraf